Mondo Papaco Planet

"PAPACO PLANET" - A Smile in the Mind.

Papaco Planet is a world made up of bewildered pop characters who live little adventures with a poetic and surreal flavor.

They are pacifists, ecologists, in love with life and everything that comes within range.

There are ghosts, aliens, robots with hearts, a uniporca (a cross between a unicorn and a pig), big dragons, bomb fish, animals of all kinds, elements of nature. Between them they are all friends and they love to play with the defects of the world evolving it in order to be able to see it as "The best of all possible worlds".

Their gaze is an observer of reality that transforms everything into something surreal and poetic.

They are endowed with subtle and impalpable humor, they get lost in a thousand adventures sometimes dreamy, others surreal, still others simply nonsense.

They care about the world and the planet defending it from the greedy and selfish thoughts of the "Garbage Monsters", triggering and spreading their fatal weapon ... A SMILE IN THE MIND!

Federico Monzani presentation:

"Drawing is the way I love to share my thoughts.

I like to consider my drawings as a door that opens to fantastic worlds made of small stories and simple characters. I draw what I see, I find inspiration in anything and everywhere.

Everything can be a source of ideas. Because anything and any being has great value in the world. Each of us is a small world that deserves to be told. The world itself in its simplicity made of complexity is a source of inspiration.

Every day is a beautiful day as long as you can take the game very seriously and make fun of seriousness in all its forms, perhaps decontextualizing things, just like children do or the Dadaists did.

I draw my thoughts to color the world, to nourish and refresh minds .. triggering a Smile in the Mind, thanks to Papaco Planet ".

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