Explore the Comic World of "Doggy Dog" & Friends on Papaco Planet!

Welcome to the fantastic world of "Doggy Dog" & Friends on Papaco Planet, where smiles are guaranteed and fun is for sure! Discover the best of all possible worlds through comic strips featuring a unique and unforgettable character: "Doggy Dog", a dog with human habits, an irresistible mix of laziness, gluttony, selfishness and a touch of cynicism.

Who is "Doggy Dog"

"Doggy Dog" is the protagonist of this comic adventure, a dog with a unique personality. Explore his world and enjoy following him on his adventures together with his faithful owner Jimmy Willis and friends in the lively neighbourhood.

Unique characteristics:

"The 'Doggy Dog' is not just an ordinary dog; it possesses extraordinary anthropomorphic qualities. Imagine a dog that can drive, talk smartly and walk upright! Explore his special abilities and immerse yourself in a world of humour and surprises.

The unpleasant side of Doggy dog:

Are you ready to get to know the unappetising side of 'Doggy Dog'? Discover how this unique character proudly exhibits his laziness, unreliability, gluttony and selfishness. Smile at his quirks and enjoy his adventures that will make you laugh out loud.

Have fun with “Doggy Dog” and friends:

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the adventures of "Doggy Dog" and his friends. Join us on Papaco Planet and dive in a world of irresistible humour, featuring unforgettable characters and compelling stories.
Discover the funny side of life with "Doggy Dog" & Friends on Papaco Planet. Enter the fantastic world of this unique dog and his friends, and get ready to smile, laugh and have fun like never before. The best of all possible worlds is waiting for you!

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