Papaco Heroes: An Incredible Team of Good Aliens, Dragons and Magical Characters!

Welcome to the epic world of the Papaco Heroes! This extraordinary team of good characters, aliens and magical creatures is ready to take you on breathtaking adventures. From the tender alien 'Nina' to the brave dragon 'Rocco' and the mysterious ghost 'Whity', each team member has a unique role. Discover their stories and join them in the fight for justice and goodness on Papaco Planet!

The Papaco Heroes Team:

Dragon "Rocco"

The brave and majestic dragon, Rocco, is the team's guardian. With his flames and superhuman strength, Rocco is dedicated to protecting Papaco Planet from all threats.

Ghost "Whity"

The friendly ghost, Whity, brings his unique touch to the team's missions. With the ability to walk through walls and interact with the spiritual world, Whity is indispensable for solving mysteries and facing paranormal challenges.

Robot Heart "Michi"

Michi is the technological heart of the team. With a brilliant mind and advanced mechanical skills, Michi is responsible for technology and tactical strategies for the team.

Lady Unipork "Tina"

The graceful Lady Unipork, Tina, is endowed with unique magical powers. With her colourful magic and ability to spread joy, Tina brings a magical and positive element to the team's missions.

Fish "Billy" Bomb

Billy è un pesce esplosivo con un grande senso dell'umorismo. Grazie alle sue abilità uniche, come le esplosioni controllate, è il demolitore del team, risolvendo situazioni complesse con una scintilla di divertimento.

Heart "Reddy"

Reddy is the beating heart of the group, with his empathy and ability to connect emotionally with others. His reassuring presence is crucial in maintaining balance and cohesion in the team.

Unicorn "Demetrio"

Demetrio, the majestic unicorn, is the force of purity in the team. With his magic horn and grace, he helps bring harmony and positivity to the group's adventures.

The daisy Scientist “Daisyfilla”

Margherita 'Daisyfilla' is the scientist in the Pizza Spaceship crew.A daisy with fluffy white petals.

She is from the planet Chlorophyllus, from the Great Daisy nebula, a planet made up of an agglomeration of leaves and plants, inhabited entirely by all kinds of flora. She is in fact the ship's scientist.

A great expert on alien life forms. She sleeps in a large jar full of wills. Her presence is essential and fundamental for the entire crew of the spaceship.

Alien "Nina"

The Alien 'Hina' is a creature of great charm and intelligence. Her origin is totally unknown, although she claims to come from a planet of four parallel universes.

She is the Technical Officer on board the Pizza Spaceship. She specialises in circuits and engines.

Nina is very good at repairing all kinds of machinery.

Very intelligent, she has a brilliant and perceptive mind.

She can find the right solution for any kind of problem at any time.

The Ghost 'Whity' is madly in love with her, but Nina does not know this.

Nina has a wrench in her jacket that she uses to tighten a few bolts if necessary.

Join the 'Papaco Heroes' on this extraordinary journey, where friendship, courage and the power of goodness are the keys to face any challenge!

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