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Welcome to Papaco Planet, where the smile mixes with the mind in a universe of quirky characters, protagonists of poetic and surreal adventures. Pacifists, ecologists and lovers of life, these extraordinary beings, including ghosts, aliens, tender-hearted robots, a unipork and big bellied dragons, coexist in a world of games and friendship.

Their observant gaze transforms reality into something magical and poetic, with a subtle humour that manifests itself in dreamlike, surreal and often nonsensical adventures. Papaco Planet's mission is to defend our world from the greedy and selfish 'Garbage Monsters' by spreading their fatal weapon: a smile in the mind.

Who is Federico Monzani:

Discover the artist behind Papaco Planet, Federico Monzani, a creative man who finds inspiration everywhere. Through drawing, Monzani shares his thoughts, opening doors to fantastic worlds made of unique stories and characters. His philosophy celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the complexity of the world, inviting us to take life seriously by playing and mocking seriousness in a child or Dadaist style.

"Drawing is the way I love to share my thoughts. 

I like to see my drawings as a door that opens to fantastic worlds made of small stories and simple characters. I draw what I see, I find inspiration in anything and everywhere.

Everything can be a source of ideas. Because anything and any being has great value in the world. Each of us is a small world that deserves to be told. The world itself in its simplicity of complexity is a source of inspiration.

Every day is a beautiful day as long as you can take it very seriously and be ironic about seriousness in all its forms, perhaps by decontextualising things, just as children do or as the Dadaists did.

I draw my thoughts to colour the world, to nourish and refresh minds... triggering a Smile in the Mind, thanks to Papaco Planet". 

Discover Papaco Books, the unique books from Papaco Planet, where each drawing tells a little world and adds colour to life. Feed your mind with Federico Monzani's works and let yourself be captured by his imagination.

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